Christmas in France


I would love to tell you how different Christmas time is over here, but it’s not a big departure. 

They have no Thanksgiving (duh!) but they do kick off the buying frenzy with Black Friday. I was surprised about that one. They do recognize it as an American thing, almost like a holiday? So strange to see over here! 

In the stores you hear American Christmas songs blasting, and you might even see some decorations say Merry Christmas. 

We bought a tree and decorated it with a few bits and bobs we had ( PJ Masks paper ornaments) and a few things we got at a home store (marabou feathers). The tree stands are a log cut in half instead of those metal or plastic ones we fight with in the states. It’s charming and yes, so french. 
Jude and I did a little shopping last week and stopped at a patisserie for a little treat. It was a gingerbread man shaped donut dipped in chocolate! Delish! 

Biarritz .jpg

Our sweet little St. Augustine is so pretty during the Holidays, but Biarritz may give it a run for it’s money! The lights are draped across the tiny streets and the shops have real Christmas trees lining the side walks. There are the coolest little markets set up with homemade gifts and treats. Hot cocoa and vin chaud- mulled wine are ever present. 

There was one Christmas market we visited last weekend that had food trucks. Believe it or not, it served burgers and fries! A double decker bus was set up for kids to make crafts and and visit Papa Noel. 

image1 (1).jpeg

They put a skating rink near the center of town and have giant chandeliers lighting the merriment. A few days after Christmas, around 11pm, they have luminaries that are lit and left to float over the Grande Plage. We haven’t experienced it yet, but are hoping to watch this magic unfold next week!  Although we miss being in our home during this time of year, it’s been so fantastic to spend the holidays with our boys in Biarritz. 

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