Beach House / One of My Faves

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When we first arrived, I got invited out to dinner with some fellow expat moms. We all met at this dreamy beach restaurant. 

Enter: Beach House.
Seriously, if I had a dream about a cool restaurant I’d love to open, it’d be this. 
From the entrance with the cool metal box letters that spell out it’s name, to the white washed exterior and sandy store front with a boat sunken in the middle. That’s a bar...
Beer taps and tiny herb garden ( yes, on the boat) sea glass colored glass bottles that dangle in the sun. A sign above this vessel boasting all of its offerings. Beautiful hand crafted cocktails and tapas garnished with herbs from said tiny garden. It’s hand painted sign, just above this vessel, is roughed up enough by the elements to carry the billowy shipwrecked theme. 


Inside it’s evokes this white washed Surf/ski lodge. There are vintage leather love seats that bookend rustic tables and accompany rickety wooden chairs, some wearing white fluffy lambs wool. They are scattered in front of a fireplace and a wall of book shelves full of books related to surf and sea. While some elements are heavy, they are elevated by seaside knickknacks and surfboards tucked in the corner ( just in case!) 

Outside ( yes, this dream keeps going!) there is a small rectangular pool and lots of little benches and seats that surround it. It’s the perfect summer hang. They open this area when the weather is warm of course, and serve cocktails and tapas all day. 

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The menu is ever changing. We love the octopus starter. It’s almost too pretty to eat! The Man Burger is a favorite with the fellas and sliders are perfect for the kiddos. Local beer is on tap and the vibe is understated cool and laid back. 

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The staff is definitely working the hipstery thing or maybe it’s just quintessential french cool. Effortlessly beautiful, simply dressed and not a lot of fanfare. 

Beach House is one of the many cool places to go out for a bite and a bit of atmosphere. As a family not living here permanently,  we rarely have a sitter. It’s nice to find places that we can take our boys without worry.  We’re just glad it’s got some serious personality and amazing food. Little something for everybody!

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