Starting at $50




$30 - ages 6-12 years

(includes a wash and blow-dry)



Base Color:

Starting at $65 (re-growth only)
Starting at $70 (re-growth & ends refreshed)


Face Framing Highlights - Starting at $60
Partial Highlights - Starting at $75
Full Head of Highlights - Starting at $85
Babylights - Starting at $125.
Balayage - Starting at $150 (toner included)
Foilayage - Starting at $150 (toner included)


Face Framing Highlights over color service - Starting at $30
Partial Highlights over color - Starting at $45
Full Head over color - Starting at $55
Baby lights over color - Starting at $40
Root Smudge (often paired with highlights and Balays) $30
Toner $20


Blow Dry: 

$40 (shoulder & above) 
$50 (below shoulder/very thick)

Flat Iron/Curling Work

(added to any service)

All new clients must book a complimentary consultation for any of our blonding
or specialized services. Prices ARE subject to change depending on consult.

Glossary Of Color ServiceS


Color Retouch: Hair color is hand painted only on to the regrowth to cover gray or alter your natural root color. 

Virgin Color Service: Hair color is painted onto the hair from root to tip to alter existing color (Note: a virgin color service CANNOT lighten previously colored hair).

A LA CARTE (added to Color Service):

Partial Highlight Over Retouch or Virgin Color: Hair color is hand painted only on to the hair,
then highlights are placed in foils near the face and front of the ears and forward to frame the face or to add dimension. 

Half Head Highlight Over Retouch or Virgin Color: Hair color is painted on to the hair, then highlights are placed from bang area to slightly below crown and on the sides of the head.

Full Highlight Over Retouch or Virgin Color: Hair color is hand painted only on to the hair, then highlights are placed in foils all over the head. 


Face Framing Highlights: Highlights are painted and placed in foils on the part and in front of the ears and forward creating a natural face framing brightness. 

Partial Highlights: Highlights are painted and placed in foil from the bang to slightly below crown and the sides of the head.
This allows for bolder blonding and brightness while keeping the underside and nape area more natural.

Full Head of Highlights: Highlights are hand painted and placed into foils to achieve an overall lightening effect, including the nape area.

Balayage: Highlights are hand painted on to the hair (no foils are used). This creates a more natural sun kissed effect. 
Expect soft golden natural highlights, a diffused root area, and less maintenance than traditional highlights.  Booked by consultation only on new clients.

Foilayage: Using a similar placement pattern to balayage, highlights are backcombed and painted on to foils, allowing for a diffused root area and greater lift and
achievement of cooler tones, especially on darker hair.  Choose if you crave a bolder and lighter balayage look.  Booked by consultation only on new clients.

Babylights: Superfine slices of hair are painted and placed into a foil. This creates an ultra natural diffused lightening effect. The subtlety allows for longer time in between appointments,
and is great for those girls who want a seamless transition from natural root to highlighted ends. Babylights can also be a super concentration of blonde. Think of it as a super super heavy partial
or full highlight with very little hair left in between each foil. This is for our girls who want to be super super blonde but not commit to a Bleach + Tone.
This concentration of blonde can be somewhat high maintenance, but completely worth it.

Bleach + Tone: Lightener is mixed to a perfect constancy and applied to the new growth or entire hair strand.  After lifting, a toner is applied to produce a more uniform color. This one is for the girl who loves zero dimension and the perfect platinum blonde. This process is also the first step in achieving more trendy colors (think pastel pinks and peacock blues).

Corrective Color: Want a super dramatic color change in a short time, or need poorly executed hair color or highlights fixed?  A super customized, comprehensive service is concocted
by your stylist to get you in the right direction.  Because the integrity of the hair is prioritized, corrective colors must be booked by consultation only so your stylist can analyze hair condition
and communicate realistic expectations to safely give you the results you desire.

A La Carte (added to Blonding service):

Gloss/Toner: A cocktail of demi-permanent color is mixed to add translucent color and shine to lightened hair, and to combat any unwanted warm tones for cooler results.

Root Smudge: After the hair is highlighted, a slightly darker toner is applied to just the roots, “smudging” or blurring where roots end and color begins. 
Perfect for a seamless, lower maintenance result.


We'd love to be part of your BIG DAY! Get more info on our WEDDINGS page. 

Pricing can be provided for bridal work & special events upon request.


Take extra special care of your crowning glory with some of our nourishing treatments.  Each one is complete with top ingredients like omega 3's, passiflora oils, artichoke phytoceuticals, blueberry phytoceuticals and living enzyme infusions.  Each treatment is designed to address not only hair health but scalp conditions as well and is prescribed to you by your stylist. If you haven't visited us before, it's always a good idea to schedule a consult to book the proper treatment. Natural Tech Treatments range from $45-$65.


All pricing is subject to change.  Thickness and length of hair is a deciding factor, as well as the nature of a trendy color placement.


We understand these things happen. However, we kindly ask that you cancel your appointment within 24 hrs.  The livelihood of our staff is dependent on the time you reserved, and there are others who wait patiently for their time.  If a guest continually cancels last minute, we reserve the right to book your next appointment with a credit card.  Sixty percent of the service is charged only if the appointment is not kept.  We also reserve the right not to rebook the appointment. We thank you for your understanding!