We love to entertain.  We believe in coffee, good conversation and of course, a creative environment.  Our studio is a place for artists, thinkers, comedians, and dreamers. With all hands in, we proudly work together helping define what's on the precipice of style and design.  It is our belief that fashion, fine art, gardening, thrifting, refinishing, reading, traveling, etc. is what makes the evolution of new style.  It's sparks inspiration and it all goes hand in hand.

It is our pleasure to listen to you, our guest, and help you achieve all that you'd love to be.


Historically, an apothecary combines certain chemical or organic compounds to create treatments or remedies.  In modern times, an apothecary refers to place that offers a collection of remedies in the realm of beauty and health.  Most of which are handcrafted and or made in small batches.  

So what will you find in our apothecary?  Hand-milled soaps, fine cremes for the hair, face and body, shaving supplies for ladies and gents, bubbly bars, bath soaks, carcinogen-free nail lacquers and the beauty world's finest in make-up and hair care.  Most of our offerings are free of parabens, sulfate and gluten, and are never tested on animals.  Ingredients are sourced ethically and sustainably.  Most of the companies we work with are small, and we enjoy connecting with the creative and conscious minds behind the brands.  We cordially invite you to come in!  Test, play, ask questions, try samples.  You never need an appointment to shop with us.  



When you come in for a visit, this is the lovely face that will greet you. The lovely, dynamic Kim Buhler. Not only is she Jenna's right hand gal, she makes sure that this place runs like a well oiled machine. Need an appointment? She will scour the schedule to find the perfect spot. Did someone nab the last bottle of your can't-live-without product or want another scent we don't currently stock?  No worries! This girl can put in special order for you. With Jenna, she helps dress windows, make displays ( so artistic, right?) and helps come up with clever one liners that add to the charm of this little shop.