La Cabine de Sophie #shopgoals

La Cabine De Sophie

One of the biggest obsessions I have when I travel is finding cool new beauty products. France never disappoints. I did do a salon search before I left the states and found (or stalked...) La Cabine de Sophie.

Not only is this little gem a boutique salon ( very similar to Philosophie in style) but it’s also a retail store, Le Corner de Sophie.  I was entranced by the beautiful colors and scents. The simplicity and minimalism... perfect.

La Cabine de Sophie

This little shop makes it’s own intoxicating soaps and perfumes.  If you can decide on just one, they cut and weigh the size you like.  While there were so many that I wanted, here are some of my faves:

  • Le Secret d’Eugenie- Named after the beloved Empress Eugenie,who had a summer palace here in Biarritz. This little two in one ( you know how I love dual purpose) is not only meant for body but gently removes make- up and leaves this super velvety finish. It’s made with fig’s milk so it has a slight sweetness that is super feminine and pretty.
  • Calendula Royal- So good for sensitive skin and has a marigold extract- Great for eczema prone skin and bebes! My boys love this one.
  • Palace d’Argan- Orange zest, linden extract and argan oil. Thats all you need. So fresh and so clean. Bright smooth skin, sign me up!
  • Algues de la Grande Plage- The deep blue green water around here is nothing short of dreamy. This deep blue green soap is iodized energy- perfect to rehydrate after a long day on la plage! Rich with antioxidants and will rejuvenate you just like a dip in the Atlantique that it so resembles.
  • Emeraude de la Mllady- The flowers and foliage that are spilling around the steep streets and stairs are what this one smells like. It evokes the freshness of the first light of day. Fresh herbs, hemp, mint and morning dew. To die for!
Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 12.37.49 PM.png
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Not only do they have these little luxuries with their namesake, they also carry other lines that are eco conscious and well packaged.
Kure Bazaar is a line of French nail polish that is organic and lends itself to a more natural composition. There is such a rainbow of colors! I only captured the hues I was immediately drawn to.

So many pretty candles that were so simple in design and super sophisticated. The whole vibe in this little shop, (and down to the herringbone wooden floors!) is understated cool and incredibly classy.

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