Top 5 cutest things in my neighborhood:

Oh the charms of France! The tiny streets. The tiny cars. Tiny spoons. Everything in this little town is cute. My neighborhood has some of the coolest little shops and markets. After being here almost a month and getting lost meandering the streets and alleyways here are my top 5 cutest things in my far.


No. 5 Espadrilles
The boys got fitted for a classic staple in this neck of the woods. They have to fit extra tight so your foot stretches them out. Feels a bit like foot binding at first ( Jude wanted no part of that. Sasch will suffer for fashion ) Everyone wears them. Men, women and tolerable children.


No. 4 Tea towels at Jean Vier
I’m not usually a souvenir with the name of the city on it type. But! These were way too cute too pass up! They are some of our favorite views of these little basque towns.  And while I realize I sound completely like my mother, these may be just “looky” towels because they are so so pretty! That being said, I bought a few of their dish towels in this shop 12 years ago and they still look pretty new with loads of wear and tear.


No. 3 Little boats at the shop- Stuff
This little shop has the cutest wooden toys. Cool little cars with surfboards on top and the dearest little animals in tiny boats.


No. 2 Masion Dezemy
If Rifle Paper Co or Anthropologie had an ice cream shop... the owner is super cute.  (and has the most adorable hair, I might add!) All of their ice cream is homemade, along with all of the other goodies like hot cocoa, these adorable ice cream sandwiches and cakes.


No. 1 Chocolates from Bo Qalice
Look at these cuties! This little shop has the most beautiful cakes and pastries that are organic and most often gluten free. They display them on these pretty cake plates with a glass dome in the middle of the shop.   Perfect with a little cafe au lait!