Panic Packing


Every time we travel I always try to be smart about packing. I think about weather first, then if something is multi-purpose to help stretch out its use.  I pride myself on organization. Packing cubes, pockets, zip locks, mainly just things to put things in. Then I read the weight restrictions for Norwegian Airlines and it sent me straight into panic packing...

Forty four pounds. Not my usual 50? Yes, there can be 2 bags per person but only 44 each?? Traveling with kids and the ungodly amount of things they have to bring is maddening on its own. In truth, neither of their suitcases made it to the 44 lb mark.( They have the cutest things to wear!! Blazers and fancy shoes!) We make them responsible for carrying their toys- and there is a limit. So if I can pack up tiny people in a bag each and limit their toy selection, then why can't I edit my bags better myself?? 

The pressure was on. I know what you must be thinking- go buy stuff while you are there! Yes, good plan. (Think The Griswold’s shopping trip on National Lampoons European Vacation) Except I have perfectly good stuff to take. Ok, and an irrational fear that I won't find what I want or can fit in to. ( Remember Audrey’s nightmare in that movie??)  So I just threw myself deeper into panic packing…  


Biarritz is the perfect mix of fancy and surf. You can dress up or not. We love that. Especially since our little town back home is more laid back and casual. It's also much colder here which calls for layers and heavier things. Which had me thinking, "This is it. Right here. This is why I have such a heavy suitcase. It's so much colder than what we are used to. Certainly can't be cold!" So I throw in more stuff...

After a very lengthy editing session I did have 2 bags. Exactly 44lbs each. Got lots of travel sized things from Philosophie (shameless plug) to throw into my carry-on. Two of every mini product I can't live without. But in the end I felt as we were leaving that I still kinda overpacked. Four months seems so long. I needed everything, right? 
Jude will probably grow out of stuff while we are here. I hope I don't. I'm running and doing yoga whilst here to help with that process.


When we arrived and finally settled in and got things unpacked, I look at the aftermath of my packing frenzy. Yes. Yes I packed too much. Not only for me but I'm pretty sure for the boys too. I can hear my dear friend Barbara's sage advice in my head " Less is more." She couldn't have been more spot on.