Yet another reinvention.

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One of the things we hear most at the shop is “ Wow! You’ve moved things around again!”  It’s so true. We are constantly changing things up. Anyone who has been around us long enough knows that we are constantly changing. Why? Well isn’t that fashion? Style? Design?  To constantly change and evolve?  I love all of our adaptations. 

It’s kinda in my blood, when I think about it. As a child,  we lived with my aunt and cousin for a bit. It was never unusual for Brittany and me to wake up with a completely rearranged house. My Mom and my Aunt would be up late moving furniture and rugs. Heck! I think even a refrigerator once too! We loved it! 

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It is one of my most favorite things to make these changes. It starts with “The Plan”, then the “Hunt & Gather” and at last ( certainly most exciting) “The Day”. An idea that finally comes to fruition. So fun!
We crank music and get to work! ( usually 90’s hip hop or 'Yonce)  I hate to even stop for lunch. It’s so much fun to be in the zone and see it all unfold. It really is amazing how you can change a space up! Bri and I used to always say after a rearrange at the small shop “Wow! It looks so much bigger in here!”  
It’s not always about a new look. Sometimes it’s to solve a problem. We are always trying to make things better for our work environment, but why not slap on a new paint color or some new pillows too! It’s all part of the fun!

So before I left for France, I had to sneak in one last refresh. I got to work with one of my favorite gals, the lovely Danielle Brodersen. She, along with her husband, Luke, co-own Spacecamp. They are always working magic for us behind the scenes on our website or cool posters and occasionally they help with our interior.  Danielle helped me layout the space and came up with our slatted wall concept, amongst other things.  It always feels like magic when I get to work with those guys! 

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SO what did we do? We added a shampoo chair, dressed up our shampoo area, had cabinets built ( Rose’s husband, Eric,  built them!) to top our dressers. Organized our drink bar and got new furniture for the “living room”.  Have you seen that emerald green velvet sofa in the front?? We hung spotty black and white wallpaper in the bathroom to polish it up a bit. One of the simple elements we added that I think is so crucial are all of the plants. Thank goodness we figured out what we can’t kill. It adds some freshness to the overall palate.  

Hope you enjoy this space and all of our fun evolutions!

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