Um, Can We Just Talk About...How 90's Hair Knots Are Back In?

Since I'm a TOTAL child of the '90's, I have been noticing of late how much street style is being influenced by my decade.  Slip dresses, flannels, crop-tops, overalls, Doc's, etc... But I was caught off-guard by the pictures popping up in my Pinterest feed and on my favorite street style blogs of the unfortunate hair trend that involved making little knots (at least two) all over your head, a'la Gwen Stefani: 

Oh Gwen...

Oh Gwen...

One of my favorite things to tease my little sister about is how she used to wear tiny knots, Scary Spice-style, with wind pants and a button-down...but apparently I stand corrected.  Here's a snap of Rita Ora rocking some knots:


So what do y'all think?  Would you rock it (again)?   




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